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For parents, finding adequate after-school childcare can be a challenge. We hear you! V-Nest was specially developed for all those parents who are not just looking for a babysitting facility but a place where their child can have a quality experience in a safe, nurturing, and friendly environment.

V-Nest daycare is the after-school childcare facility provided by Veritas Learning Circle on our school campus. Our aim is to provide your child with a wholesome experience in which they can wind down after the school day, enjoy the company of mixed age groups (18 months to 6 years), take part in some interactive activities, take a nap if they wish, and much more. V-Nest will provide a snapshot of our SNAP (stories, nature, art, and play) curriculum, as we will expose your child to a variety of mediums to keep engaged!

Snacks are not provided at V-Nest daycare. Parents are requested to send a clearly labelled snack box with instructions if it needs to be refrigerated or heated before serving. There will be fixed snack times where the kids will eat communally. On some occasions, we will have some healthy treats available for the kids to enjoy! V-Nest facilitators will have on record any food allergies your child may have.

At V-Nest daycare, there is nothing more important to us than your child! Their safety and well-being is at the top of our priority list. The V-Nest facility is designed in a way that it is extremely child-friendly, baby-proofed, and hazard-free. We have a fully monitored campus, with CCTV Cameras positioned at all entry and exit points. Our staff is trained in CPR, first aid, and fire safety in case of any emergencies.

Hygiene and cleanliness is something we do not compromise on. Our space, including our diaper changing station and washrooms, are kept clean at all times. We have trained nannies for changing diapers and facilitating kids who are in the process of being potty-trained. Our toys and play equipment is sanitized on a regular basis. We highly encourage our kids to wash hands after any activities and before eating anything. Our V-Nest daycare space is adequately ventilated and kept at a comfortable temperature.

Each day at V-Nest daycare will be different! The children will remain engaged in some activity or play throughout their stay, and we promise them a vibrant and exciting experience which will make them look forward to coming back every day! As per our commitment to reflect our SNAP curriculum in our daycare set-up as well, we have planned our activities along the same lines.

A typical day at V-Nest daycare would include


Story-Telling Sessions


Nature Immersion


Child Friendly Play Setups


Communal Snack Time





From arts and crafts, to story time and pretend play, to outdoor sports and activities –
we will make sure the little ones are never bored!

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